Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Lydia McLaughlin Steps Into A Pile of Slade

And comes out smelling like a rose.

“A more cohesive alignment with reality”  Seems newcomer Lydia Stirling McLaughlin actually went to school and learned, unlike the other “Real Housewives” living in the Orange Bubble.

Lydia, from Newfoundland, where the Stirling family practically owns the media, is able to balance shit stirring in such a way that it never offends her castmates…so far.

Lydia’s bone structure is that of a naturally thin person, but Slimy Slade Smiley just couldn’t help commenting on her looks.  What a piece of shit he is!!!  Thanks for the edit, Bravo!

He loudly whispered to girlfriend Gretchen Rossi that he should call her cheeseburger, because she looked like she needed a cheeseburger. It was the way he said it - snarky, hateful, slimy, the usual Slade - and that he said it just loud enough for her to hear and feel excluded and belittled.

But not Lydia. She confronted him on what he said… and boom! Did you see the look on Slimy douchebag’s face?  Slade is never called on his shit, there is no accountability for his actions. And Gretchen sounded like an utter fool as she tried to defend him.  When Lydia said, “ I see who you are” Slade was so taken aback.

She says on her Bravo blog:

It's not what Slade said that upset me so much. It is his history of putting down other women's appearances publicly. Last year he called Tamra too fat and he's made fun of Vicki'snose. Now he's going after me at my own party!?! Who died and made him the appearance police? It's just not OK, which is why I called him out on it. And, for Gretchen to say I'm making a big deal out of nothing just showed me how insensitive she is. Maybe love is blind, but I can't image my husband Doug ever acting like that. Men should be lifting woman up -- not critiquing our appearance.

Lydia did her homework before she joined this show.  And mama Judy?  What a bonus!  So good to see someone not fitting the Orange County mold.

Lydia, 31, was Andy Cohen’s guest last night on Watch What Happens, Live!. Her mother Judy Stirling was the bartender, but she didn’t bring her ganja with her, LOL.

Don’t you love it?

Lydia may be around for awhile, Andy seemed to like her.  Woo to the Hoo!

The  Real Housewives of Orange County airs Monday nights on Bravo TV. The reunion episode for Season 8 is scheduled to tape July 10.

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